Dragon and Taco Counting Activities

Recommended Grade Level:

Preschool kindergarten

Type of Resource: PDF

Number of Pages: 142

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What’s Included:

  • Pages 4-24: Number Mats with guided ten-frames (Color)
  • Pages 25-45: Number Mats with blank ten-frames (Color)
  • Pages 46-56: Independent Counting Mats (Color)
  • Pages 57-65: Ten-Frame Counting Cards (Color)
  • Pages 66-70: Ten-Frame Clip Cards (Color)
  • Pages 71-72: Roll, Write, Show Mat (Color)
  • Pages 73-93: Number Mats with guided ten-frames (Black/White)
  • Pages 94-114: Number Mats with blank ten-frames (Black/White)
  • Pages 115-125: Independent Counting Mats (Black/White)
  • Pages 126-134: Ten-Frame Counting Cards (Black/White)
  • Pages 135-139: Ten-Frame Clip Cards (Black/White)
  • Pages 140-141: Roll, Write, Show Mat (Black/White)

Required Materials:

  • Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils
  • Pencil
  • Play Dough
  • Dice
  • Paper, Printer, Ink
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